We are no longer in an information age. We are in an age of networked intelligence. A fundamental shift is underway that will change our conception of value. In an era of increased interconnectedness engagement platforms and management systems designed to build collaborative intelligence will make the difference. In this book, Jan De Visch and Otto Laske, challenge some of our deep ideas on self-steering and networked organisations. Based on their experience they will outline the dynamics of succesful co-creation at all levels in an organization.

We are looking for 20.000 Euro to write, publish and distribute our new book.

Your Possible Contribution:

As an individual:
° 250 Euro  1 free copy + one teleseminar where you can invite a group of max. 8 participants (value 375 USD).
° 1000 Euro  5 free copies + 3 consultancy sessions on how to improve your consultancy impact (value 1500 USD)

As an organisation:
° 1500 Euro  1 day in depth seminar for Sr management (value 2250 USD)
° 3000 Euro  2 days of consultancy, which you can design yourself (applying insight in strategy preparation, transition to customer centricity, …) (value 4500 USD)

Interested? Contact Jan De Visch (jan@connecttransform.be)