Jan and Otto would like to invite you for a Skype session to discover their new book ‘Dynamic Collaboration: Strengthening Self-Organization and Collaborative Intelligence in Teams’.

The book offers a great number of tools and procedures for how to install practices that help making the leap towards self-organizing teams. The book dramatically broadens the way you now think about teams and explains why many approaches toward more fluid ways of collaboration (Agile, Holacracy, Sociocracy, LiquidO, and many others) remain a huge challenge for a lot of companies (and fail).

Jan and Otto translate recent findings in cognitive developmental psychology to team functioning and show how they contribute to distinguishing upwardly and downwardly divided team dynamics that impact their collaborative work and collaborative intelligence.

The Skype Discovery Session is planned on June 5th, at 8pm CET.

You can subscribe for the session by sending an e-mail to

Jan De Visch: jan@connecttransform.be

Otto Laske: otto@interdevelopmentals.org

You will then receive a Skype login link which will enable you to join their conversation.