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Re-Thinking Game

Dynamic Collaboration Reading Sessions

We launched our book Dynamic Collaboration in June 2018. In the meantime, the book has found its way to readers in more than 30 countries.

Otto and I are very happy with all the positive and supportive reactions. When we […]


Op 22 mei 2019  verzorgt Jan De Visch in samenwerking met het Institute for Business Development (IFBD) een opleiding rond het thema HR-KPI’s.
De deelnemers worden uitgenodigd om op basis van de aangereikte voorbeelden hun eigen HR-KPI’s scherper te formuleren […]

Master Class Dynamic Collaboration

Industry 4.0 dramatically affects how people collaborate. Work processes become more liquid and adaptive. But most companies struggle to change the way they organize collaboration.

This program helps you to find the right balance between hierarchy and self-organization. You will […]

Dynamic Collaboration Playbook

In a time of rapid disruption, companies are reviewing their way of working. This Playbook provides 33 ideas to start thinking about how you can organise, create accountability, make decisions and shape better workplaces.

Introduction of the Playbook

Over the years […]