Dynamic Collaboration Practice Reflection Sessions

Get hands-on with your team with the Dynamic collaboration approach

Practice Reflection Sessions aim to help you better deal with specific challenges within your company. They are tailor-made for your company, organized for your team, or take the form of targeted individual cognitive coaching. And typically run over four to eight sessions of 1h to 3h.

Book an exploratory meeting with Jan De Visch. This conversation takes one and a half hours. The cost price is 200 Euro. After receiving the amount, you will receive an email with date proposals.

The Dynamic Collaboration approach is currently being applied to ..:
– … come to a more effective strategy translation (translating strategy into functions and roles at different levels in the organization). The guidance starts from the non-realization of the strategic intent, as expressed in lower turnover, higher costs, and insufficient margin creation.
-… better handle complexity. The guidance starts from the feeling that employees are not responsible for their widening functions and roles.
– … consciously build developmental organizations. The guidance starts from the observation that the company’s culture does not sufficiently encourage mutual learning and that employees have difficulty identifying with company values.
– … achieve more effective project and program operation. The guidance starts from the deviations in terms of budget, milestones, and intended results.
– … enormously increase the chance of success of organizational development projects. The guidance starts from the failure to realize desired transitions in cooperation.
– … make innovation processes more result-oriented. The guidance starts from the non-realization of research and development projects.
– … enable the transition to a more self-managing operation. The guidance starts from a desire to develop self-management in the organization, often inspired by all kinds of approaches, such as Innovative Work Organization, Sociocracy 3.0, Holocracy, Teal, Spotify, Semco, LiquidO.
– … support companies in their approach to burnout. The guidance here starts from the legal framework on well-being and prevention at work.
– … support companies in the development of their safety policy. The guidance starts from the experience that the current approaches, mainly focused on behavior and competence, do not lead to a safety culture.
– … help companies to adapt their organizational set-up to the new reality of hybrid work (home & office).

Dynamic collaboration builds on three recent scientific insights.

  • The first insight is that the essence of functions and roles is the essential difference between employees. This is in stark contrast to a focus on activities that must be performed.
  • The second insight is based on the fact that employees evolve throughout life and builds on how this evolution affects their perspective-taking, problem approach, and “collaborative” approach. This complements a one-sided focus on competencies and skills.
  • The third insight is that the fundamental strength of winning teams is co-reflective thinking, how they bring things together while thinking. Again, this is in stark contrast to an assumption that the chemistry between team members and the behavioral skills associated with it make the difference.

Book an exploratory session and discover how the three perspectives can solve your challenge in your organization.

Booking a Reflection Session
You can book a practice reflection session using the answer form below and transferring the fee. Together we will then set a date and time within five weeks of your approaching us.

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