Industry 4.0 dramatically affects how people collaborate. Work processes become more fluid and adaptive. But most companies struggle to change the way they organize collaboration.

This program helps you to find the right balance between hierarchy and self-organization. You will discover a wide range of tools and procedures to strenghten the development of individuals, teams and organizational networks.



Intake: You get to know the facilitator beforehand and he learns about you and your organization (via Skype)

Day 1

Morning: The blueprint for self-organization.

Afternoon: Upward and downward dynamics in three types of self-organizing teams (We Spaces).

Day 2

Morning: Building ownership by designing roles differently and creating a healthy balance between Job 1 and Job2.

Afternoon: Individual development and enhancing the quality of inner and outer dialogue.

Day 3

Morning: Facilitating development though working with developmental zones.

Afternoon: .Creating better decision making processes. Integrating the learnings.

Follow up Day: Two to three months later we come together again, we exchange experiences, we discuss how things can be further improved.


Target Group

You have preferably read the book ‘Dynamic Collaboration’.

You want to experience how the simple yet deep working approach described in it could work in your organization.

You are a manager who can launch an initiative to dramatically improve the collaborative intelligence in your organization.

You are very welcome with a colleague. We know that you learn together faster.


When? 4, 5 and 6 July 2018 – Start 9am-17pm

Where? Offices Connect & Transform, Koningin Astridlaan 144, 2800 Mechelen (7 minute walk from Mechelen Railway station).

Price: 2500 Euro (VAT incl), Drinks and lunch included

Maximum 8 participants to allow for in-depth dialogue

Language: If all parcicipants speak Dutch, the program will be in Dutch.

The master class can be adapted to specific company needs.


Jan De Visch. Managing Director Connect & Transform. Exec. Prof. Flanders Business School (by KU-Leuven). Jan has an extensive experience in redesigning organizations and facilitating change.


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