Otto Laske is coming to Belgium on January 18th. Together with Jan De Visch he facilitates a meeting-of-minds around the Future of Work. If you want to stretch your own thinking, gain a whole range of new ideas (as senior manager, HR professional or experienced consultant), and especially discover what you can do differently in redesigning organizations, you can quickly register as a participant for this unique Meeting of Minds session. The number of participants is limited to 25.


“As technological breakthroughs rapidly shift the frontier between the work tasks performed by humans and those performed by machines and algorithms, labour markets and organizations are undergoing major transformations. These transformations, if managed wisely, could lead to a new age of good work, good jobs and improved quality of life for all, but if managed poorly, pose the risk of widening skills gaps, greater inequality and broader polarization.” This quote is the start of the Future of Work 2018 report of the World Economic Forum.

The new organization promises to be digital, boundaryless and work-centric. The emerging new forms of organization combine a whole range of new practices: less hierarchy and working with circles, replacing job descriptions with roles and storylines, exchange KPI-dashboards with core value indicators, new practices of autonomy, meeting, shared decision making, transparency, purpose, learning and development, and much more.

These evolutions are promising. But how do we actually think about this landscape of change? How do we view the possibilities and limitations of technology ourselves? How can we use technology to redesign the work itself? What do we take into account in creating an enabling context? What are the dynamics that we can strengthen or weaken? What are the essential links that we need to take into account? What are the limits and the imbalances with which we are confronted? How can we coordinate the transition and how will we manage to get everyone involved?


8:45 am Registration & morning coffee.

9 am Meeting of Minds opening: The Future of Work Promise. by Jan Beyen, Managing Director Connect Human Capital, Board Member Quarturn.

9:15 am The Future of Work: Uncover ‘Collaborative Intelligence’ and Create The Way for Requisite Agile Practices, by Jan De Visch, Managing Director Connect & Transform and Exec. Prof. Flanders Business School (by KU Leuven).

From 9:30 am Building collaborative intelligence: Meeting of Minds dialogue rounds accompanied & facilitated by Otto Laske

9:30 First dialogue round: The ability to successfully adapt, cope or exploit situations: constraints and potential.

10:30 Coffee Break

10:50 Second dialogue round: Design principles, Patterns and Practices That Enable The Organization to Effectively Adapt, Responsively or Preemptively, To Changes in its Environment.

12:30 Lunch

13:45 Third dialogue round: Developmental Diversity in Teams. Practices to Create Upward Dynamics in Self-organizing teams.

15:15 Coffee Break

15:35 Fourth dialogue round: Creating a Paradigm Shift in Human Capital Approaches: from a focus on competencies to weaving maturity and deep thinking in developing structure, culture and individual practice.

16:30 Summary of thoughts and way forward.

17 end.


When: 18 january 2019

Where: Elewijt Center, Tervuursesteenweg 564, 1982 Elewijt (15 min drive from Brussels-Zaventem Airport)

Ticket Price: 580 Euro (incl. VAT)

Register by sending an e-mail to

About Otto Laske

Otto Laske is Founder and Managing Director of the Interdevelopmental Institute ( where he has taught new ways of looking at individual and team work delivery based on empirical developmental research since 2000. Our book ‘Dynamic Collaboration’ shows his ‘Constructive Developmental Framework’ Methodology (CDF) in action for teams.


This conference is co-organized by Connect & Transform, Quarturn and the Interdevelopmental Institute.