Leadership MCV
Leadership Mind(s) Creating Value(s)

Leadership: Mind(s) Creating Value(s)

This is a book about thinking differently.
It’s not a book about behavior or thinking errors.
It’s a book about Creating Possibilities, Deep Thinking, Integrative Leadership, and Growing Sustainable Business.

What I need to tell can be found by skimming through it quickly. You may touch it by reading it all in one go. Oh, certainly, the insights, tools, practice reflections and roadmaps will shift your mind and revolutionize your approach to leadership development. But be prudent — you won’t have heard the heartfelt song of deeper thinking hidden within, nor will you have experienced her potential, her power, and her endless depths. To take your time to examine and re-engineer your own mind is the essence of this book. Just because life is too short not to create value(s).

Table of contents:

  • Chapter One: The Call For Transformation
  • Chapter Two: Deep Thinking in Slow Motion
  • Chapter Three: Project EMBEDDED: Exploring How Deep Thinking and Value Creation Are Intrinsically Interconnected
  • Chapter Four: Developing Leaders’ Minds: A Roadmap to Rethinking Decision Making of Leaders at All Levels
  • Chapter Five: Shaping the Organization’s Mind: A Roadmap to Conversations Creating (Real) Organizational Development
  • Chapter Six: Business Beyond Growth: Coordinating the Thinking on a Whole Systems Scale
  • Epilogue & Executive Summary: The Challenge: Reimaging, Rethinking, and Redesigning Leadership Development around the Principles of Mind(s) Creating Value(s)
  • References

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2014, 160 pages
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