Dynamic Collaboration: Strengthening Self-Organization and Collaborative Intelligence in Teams

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‘In my work with self-organizing teams I have searched for a comprehensive, evidence-based model to think in terms of. Jan and Otto’s book has given me an exciting foothold for pursuing this work further.’ Koen Lambrechts, HR Director Vivaldis Interim

‘This book adds a lot of value to deeper understand complex human systems. The concept of vertical development, the differentiation of We-spaces and the variables that impact on collaborative work and collective intelligence, have enormous value to help us think about how to promote transformation at the individual, organizational and social levels. The dialogues between the team members are very valuable. They facilitate understanding and create empathy with readers who can identify with similar situations.’ Azucena Gorbaran, President AMG

‘This book not only presents insights into teams from a business and academic perspective; it also offers a great number of tools and procedures for how to install practices that help making the leap to self organizing teams. The book dramatically broadens the way you now think about teams and explains why practices you have used have failed. I am keen to adapt to my purposes much of what the book authors have so far developed (and continue the many ‘aha’ experiences I owe to the book).’ Jan Beyen, CEO CH

Content table

  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: Why Developmental Differences Matter in Teams
  • Chapter 2: Three Levels of Self Organization in Teams
  • Chapter 3: Creating Enabling Environments for Developing Self Organization in Teams
  • Chapter 4: Societal We-Spaces
  • Chapter 5: How to create collective intelligence?
  • Closing reflection: Shaping freedom
  • Bibliography
  • Annex: The Deep-Thinking Framework and its Thought Forms

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Book presentation (in Dutch) on May 31st for Unizo/The Future of Work.

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2018, softcover, 240 pages, ISBN: 97890-5325-443-1

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Don’t miss the Dynamic Collaboration Playbook, a companion guide with 33 practical implementation ideas to start the transition towards self-organization and collaborative intelligence (more information).

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