Practices of Dynamic Collaboration

A Dialogical Approach to Strengthening Collaborative Intelligence in Teams

‘Practices of Dynamic Collaboration’

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This book provides managers and team leaders with tools for boosting the quality of team dialogue for the sake of strengthening role ownership and creating collaborative intelligence throughout an organization. The authors provide a new, research-based paradigm for composing, managing, and linking teams that is rooted in dialogical thinking and critical of fallacies of logical thinking as to how the ‘real world’ works.

The book:

  • provides analysis and intervention tools for boosting self-management and creating collaborative intelligence in teams;
  • supportively critiques conventional managerial thinking from a perspective of research on the cognitive and emotional development of human capital;
  • features demonstrations on how to create and structure high-quality team dialogue, team linkage, and team governance;
  • re-thinks organizations as dialogue spaces in which to reframe diverse perspectives on work and on synthesizing human and algorithmic intelligence;
  • assists organizations in finding an equilibrium between hierarchy and self-organization in support of both mental and financial growth.

Content table
Ch1. Understanding developmentally sourced diversity as a key to high-quality dialogue and collaborative intelligence
Ch2. The adult-developmental stratification of organizational work
Ch3. The meeting dialogue: How to improve the balance of asking and telling
Ch4. The ‘Common Ground’ Dialogue: Working with upwardly and downwardly divided dynamics in teams
Ch5. The commitment dialogue: How we agree on what needs to be done
Ch6. Coherent action: Linking role and work contributions to each other through real-time dialogue
Ch7. The development dialogue: How to strengthen employees’ capability to take on real-world complexity
Ch8. Viewing Human-Machine Interaction from a developmental perspective: Stepping up to the humane organization

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