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The Re-Thinking Game (Second Edition)

The Re-Thinking Game and its cards are based on the work of Otto Laske and Iva Vurdelja. Otto Laske has wondered how we form an image in our mind, an idea of an issue or challenge, and whether that idea is sufficiently rich. He observed that many decisions we take are based on oversimplifications of, and untested assumptions about, reality. He developed a set of concepts, a thinking framework, with which we can question our thinking critically, so that we acquire a more comprehensive perspective and ultimately achieve better, because more integrated, decision-making.

Otto Laske distinguishes four groups of thought structures (or thought templates) with which to build an understanding of reality. Each group of thought structures is built on one of four principles of dialectical thinking:

  • The first principle of dialectical thinking is to start from the larger encompassing whole. This essentially means that you cannot see anything in isolation. There is always a wider picture in which something is embedded, and in turn everything forms a wider picture for something else.
  • A second principle is to assume as a starting point dynamics and constant change. Everything that exists is in motion. Nothing is static; everything evolves from one state to another. In other words, it becomes something it is not yet, leaving behind what it no longer is.
  • A third principle is to start from coherence or commonality. Everything is connected to something else in some way, and connects its own constituents within itself. It is the connections that give an event, subject or experience its meaning.
  • The fourth principle of dialectical thinking is based on the natural change to which we are all subject, but makes this process a consciously pursued, goal-driven change. This is the principle of metamorphosis. It is more complex than the previous three because it is a combination of these. Metamorphosis is a developmental movement towards a new form that transcends the previous one, but integrates it at the same time.

The Re-Thinking game translates these principles into four series of mind-opening questions. Within each series, we distinguish three levels of perspective-taking: a discerning, a deepening and an integrating perspective.

Together, the 4 forms of thinking and the 3 thinking perspectives form 12 thought structures. The game comprises 8 questions for each thought structure. In each of the 96 questions, the more or less interchangeable concepts of element, subject, issue, concept, idea, event, intervention etc. are represented by ‘X’.

The card game can be used by an individual or a team to gain a more comprehensive perspective on challenges, problem approaches or areas of tension. It can for instance use the questions during project preparation, interim follow-up meetings or joint reviews.

The second edition (2021) includes a fully revised set of questions, based on the extensive application of the game over the last two years, and an expanded manual.

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