Dynamic Collaboration Integrated Learning Experiences

Get hands-on with your team with the Dynamic collaboration approach

In the integrated learning experiences, we take you through what is happening at the intersection of two cornerstones in the Dynamic Collaboration approach.

Proactive decision-making and involvement occur when clear instructions align with the corresponding decision-making of individual employees. This leads to individual flow. In this situation, employees are optimally productive and get energy from their work. As a result, you avoid burnout and bore-out.

A culture that connects is created when autonomous decision-making is accompanied by integration mechanisms whereby differences in perspectives are interwoven. This leads not only to a connection of employees with the greater whole of the strategy but also to a stronger mutual connection and collaborative thinking. Moreover, it avoids siloisation and alienation of employees.

Processes and systems that lead to learning emerge at the intersection of the integration mechanisms with the mission. This leads to operational excellence, customer orientation, and innovation. You avoid systems that are too focused on registration, too fragmented in design, and paralyzing in operation.

The price per day is 300 Euro (excl. VAT). The English program is provided digitally.

31/01/2023 – How to keep your employees in-flow (English)

Parallel to the advancing digitization of work, a quiet revolution in work is taking place. Employees are focusing on more complex tasks where interaction is key and specific solutions need to be found. Computers are taking over the routine facets of work.

Current answers from human resources do not sufficiently take into account the co-evolution of assignments and employee development. As a result, assignments remain too fragmented for too long and employees are insufficiently prepared for the increase in complexity. This significantly increases the risk of burn-out and bore-out.

During this day, we explain the framework from which you can let functions/roles and employees evolve together. Via two practical cases, we illustrate how this takes shape in practice.

As a participant, you will learn:

  • The basis to draw up contribution-oriented role descriptions and to objectify employee development levels.
  • To estimate when someone is functioning in-flow, or operating from a risk zone of burn-out or bore-out.
  • Four strategies to make employees reflect on their interpretation of their assignment and the quality of their decision-making.
  • How to grow employees to the level where their approach is bigger than the problems they face.

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